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Dock Mates

It Starts on the Docks

The CARES Dock Mates team is dedicated to improving the health, safety and financial security of fishermen and their families by connecting them with services, care, and information that fits their specific needs.

Dock Mates' trained and experienced navigators will point you in the right direction and connect you with the appropriate support needed in all areas of lifeā€”from applying for health coverage to home budgeting to supporting stronger families.

CARES Dock Mates navigation services include:

  • Healthcare: Supporting you through all phases of care, including screening, diagnosis, treatment and aftercare.
  • Insurance: Helping you understand insurance options and apply for healthcare coverage for you and your family, while making sure you are matched with the most appropriate plan.
  • Financial: Providing financial management education, including budgeting, planning, managing debt, improving credit, along with saving and investing. IRS navigation and help paying back taxes is also provided through Dock Walks, including Narcan training.
  • Strengthening families: Connecting you to parenting classes and seminars that help build relationships and improve family dynamics.

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