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Speech Therapy

Chatting on the telephone. Ordering food at a restaurant. Telling someone “I love you.” Speech isn't the only way that we can share our thoughts, needs and feelings—but it might be the most important.

When a loved one is dealing with speech problems caused by an injury or illness, Cape Regional Health System can help them relearn the communication skills that matter most.

Speech Therapy Services

Our highly experienced speech therapists work with adults who have speech or swallowing difficulties caused by stroke, Parkinson's, Alzheimer's, cancer, other neurological conditions or trauma.

  • Inpatient speech therapy. Our bedside swallowing assessments help staff, patients and their caregivers figure out which foods and liquids patients can tolerate safely. We also work with patients to help them communicate with their families and the medical staff.
  • Outpatient speech therapy. Whether it's mastering basic language skills, forming certain sounds or overcoming trouble swallowing, our personalized programs help patients meet the speech and language goals that are important to them and their families. Our LSVT LOUD program also works to treat voicing issues in people who have Parkinson's disease.

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